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Updated October 21, 2015

T5 Errata

If you are looking for Traveller5 related material, please go to the FFE website and buy the CD!

Traveller5 Errata V0.71, Updated 07/26/2013

Legacy Traveller Edition Errata

Consolidated CT Errata V1.1, Updated 02/01/2014

MegaTraveller Consolidated Errata V2.21, Updated 02/23/2013

Consolidated TNE Errata V0.03, Updated 01/02/2012

Consolidated T4 Errata V0.01, Updated 12/23/2011

Published Sector Information

Traveller Sector InformationUpdated 1/23/2008

This document is a compliation of all documented and published sector information for the official Traveller universe. I've posted it several times to the TML and Galactic mailing lists, but it now has a permanent home!

MegaTraveller Trade Rules Variant

MT Trade and Commerce variantUpdated 9/13/2010

This document is a compilation of rules additions and changes for MT Trade.

Traveller Integrated Timeline, V2.1

Soon to be an FFE product coming to a store near you!

Please note that I'm open to comments and additions to the timeline -- so please contact me if you think something is wrong or missing!

Other Traveller Downloads

A MegaTraveller Starship Design Example Revisited!V2.02, Updated 03/05/2008

This article by Joe Fugate originally appeared in Traveller's Digest #13, and is the best written example of designing a Starship using the MegaTraveller vehicle rules -- except that the numbers are wrong (in several places). This is my attempt to fix that great article.

Posted by permission of the DGP copyright holder (Roger Sanger) and the original author (Joe Fugate). Thanks to both of them for their assistance!

HD-100.01: MegaTraveller Point-based Character Generation

My first HIWG document, which can be used for character generation and experience building for characters. I used to get calls on this even after I resigned from HIWG.

The Iridium Throne

Also known as "the one that got away"... My proposal for a epic campaign book for the Milleu Zero setting released for T4 - the last "unique mechanic" edition of Traveller published.

The Iridium Throne With bonus RANT!

Old ideas I dream of doing some day...

In the past, I had three proposals I've pitched to Traveller publishers. Some nibbles, no bites:

  • Imperial Aspirations The story of the 75 kton Imperial battlecruiser Bonadventure, from 600 to 630; part of Grand Admiral hault-Plankwell's victorious fleet in the First Frontier War, escaping the disaster at the Battle of Tricanus 5, to aiding Grand Admiral Alkhalikoi in defeating Emperor Gustus at the Second Battle of Zhimaway.
  • Keepers of the Flame The REAL story behind what interests dominate the Alkhalikoi Dynasty, from the opposition to the Solomani Movement, including a look at who gained from the untimely death of Empress Margaret I, who tried to keep the peace, to Tomutov's abdication and his subsequent death during the Psionic Suppressions, to the palace coup of 989.
  • Adventuring in the Spinward Pocket Detailing the Zhodani-Imperial intrigue in Foreven, Beyond, and Trojan Reach sectors leading up to the Fifth Frontier War. Yes, I know Foreven Sector is a GM's reserve. Not that anyone ever published any material to HELP a GM properly use that sector...

Traveller Biography

I first played Traveller in 1979; I'm proud of owning several copies of the old "Classic Traveller" sets. Unfortunately, I'm not so proud of the fact that finding Traveller players is hard.

In 1988, I finally got on-line (Delphi/Genie). I ran into Ed Edwards at GenCon, and became a Quadrant Editor (QE3) for HIWG, from December 1989 through December of 1990. Unfortunately, it was obvious that the way GDW wanted Traveller to go was not the way I wanted to game, and after certain GDW employees insulted their on-line and HIWG fans, I resigned from HIWG in disgust. I miss those times...

Someone asked me why I left the fanbase at the time it needed me most... I've kept this e-mail from Mike Metlay that answers that question a lot better than I could have.

Anyway, TNE was not my Traveller. After GDW closed and TNE faded, Marc Miller produced T4. It had an interesting start, but I was never happy with it. I founded the ct-starships group on e-Groups (which was bouught by Yahoo) in 1999. I've always been fond of High Guard, and that group is still going, after almost 10 years.

I hooked up with Roger Sanger on the TML in the 90s, and was part of his attempt to get a license during the Imperium Games era. That was a debacle. But I consider Roger a friend. I've seen many stories and accusations about him over the years, but I know the other half of some of those. Some day, I still believe, DGP will return. And Roger, my friend, I still plan on being part of it.

I've always been a big fan of the Official Traveller Universe, and so I started collecting various bits of timeline here and there; this brought me into contact with Marc Miller on a professional footing, and he (and Roger Sanger) both helped me really get that project going. It needs an update, but it's still very tight. And that's why I'm DGP's official Archivist. Really.

GURPS Traveller's setting was interesting for me (the Rebellion never happened), but I prefer the MegaTraveller ruleset. So I started collecting MT errata. This project is very active still. And recently, it's given me more work...

Since I was so active in things Traveller, and in Marc's backyard, he's tried over the years to get me interested in T5 -- the future version of Traveller. In mid-2007 I finally saw a draft of something that was more than just a T4.2... and decided to get more active... and got my hands on the various drafts. A few months went by, and there was not much action. So I sent out some comments, and only Rob Eaglestone replied.

So after Winter War 35 (2008), I decided I'd had enough. I e-mailed Rob with my complaints, and some suggestions for changing how things worked. He suggested that I tell Marc. So, I told Marc.

Now, I'm the forum moderator for T5 development. And I'm having a blast. T5 really is the future of Traveller, and it really is coming. It also means that as a member of the T5 Development Team (Marc, Rob and I), there's getting to review new Mongoose Traveller releases, sort through the T5 errata (and all that other errata -- I'm now the Traveller Errata guy, for all the legacy editions, not just MT), and anything else Marc needs help with. It's a blast!

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